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Integral House in Toronto, Canada

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, September 13th, 2012. Home Design, Integral House in Toronto, Canada.

Most of my desire to start with: “If I had more money ….” And here is an example of what can you do if you set enough money to get the best people to do what you want to have this amazing house was built somewhere near Toronto, Canada, and the owner is a very famous professor in mathematics , which is also used as a violinist, so he always likes a lot of music .. want his name was Dr James Stewart and a few years, he must build a dream house where he could stay away from fresh air of the city, but also give a concert in which she always wanted him to ask. some architects are very good for even if they are not very well known at the time, and he has full confidence in their work. The only requirement is that the house has many curves and excellent acoustics Well,. it. And he’s more than that. For example, it has a spectacular staircase, where you have a fantastic job, blown glass and blue levels, and many can see the end of stunning images.

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