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How To Make The Most Of A Small Kitchen

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, August 9th, 2013. Kitchen, How To Make The Most Of A Small Kitchen.

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I know from experience that a tiny kitchen can be frustrating to work in, especially if you’re a keen cook or baker! However, I’ve also learned that there are ways and means of maximizing the available space when you come to redesign the room. Here are my top tips for getting the most from a small kitchen.

Tip 1 – Look up
Don’t get hung up on eye-level units when considering where you’ll place your new kitchen cabinets. A lot of small kitchens have a surprising amount of vertical space – that is, storage located closer to the ceiling than the floor.

Think about how you could make the most of this, whether it’s by fitting extra units high up (but consider how you’ll get to them if you’re on the short side like me!), using the tops of your cabinets to stash small appliances and pans, or installing open shelving.

Tip 2 – Look down
Similarly, a growing number of kitchen ranges incorporate storage space into the plinths that cabinets stand on, usually in the form of ‘hidden’ drawers. These can be useful for extra cutlery, dry ingredients you don’t use every day, or practical things like matches, torches and tools.

Tip 3 – Downsize your appliances
Consider whether you could save space by investing in appliances that are narrower or shorter than average. A growing number of manufacturers offer cookers, washing machines and fridges designed for compact spaces, so this is well worth bearing in mind.

I would also recommend looking into appliances with dual functions, such as a combined washer/dryer or a microwave-oven. These really can be a lifesaver if your kitchen is particularly small!

Tip 4 – Choose your layout carefully
Some kitchens are so small you tend to have limited options when it comes to layout – the first flat I rented by myself had what was described as an ‘open plan living room and kitchen’, but it was really a lounge with the sink, cooker and some kitchen units lining one wall. There was certainly no other way to set out the kitchen!

However, think clever and you can still have a functional kitchen even with as little space as this. If you do have a single-line kitchen, consider whether you have the room to extend one end of it along the adjacent wall to create a very narrow L shape. You could then fit a corner sink and specially-designed corner drawers (look them up – they’re amazing!) where the walls meet.

Another potential option if you have slightly more space is installing a small island that could double up as a work surface and dining area. It can be a good idea to speak to an expert for advice on redesigning and personalizing your kitchen to suit your space.

Tip 5 – Avoid patterns
This is a bit of a basic interior design tip, but it’s a good one – avoid patterns in your kitchen decor and stick to plain walls and surfaces where you can. Patterning can make the room look smaller, unfortunately. If you really love your stripes, floral and polka dots, do as I do and buy lots of patterned mugs, crockery and tea towels instead!

Tip 6 – Choose clever storage
It’s now easier than ever to make the most of the space inside your cupboards by fitting some handy solutions designed to help you access kitchen equipment and ingredients without resorting to bending down or even half-climbing into the cabinet! This also means that you can fit more into the units.

Look out for things like wire racks that are attached to the inside of cupboard doors, pullout, swiveling compartments and drawer organizers to help you get the most from your cabinets.

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