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Clothes Storage Ideas

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, November 5th, 2014. Home Design, Clothes Storage Ideas.

Today more and more people prefer to equip their home with a dressing room. These rooms, storing clothes and shoes, help to extend the living space of the apartment significantly. We would like to present a few good ideas about dressing room arrangements.

One of the most important things is the light which is often lacking in dressing rooms. Dressing rooms must be bright. For these purposes, low hanging chandeliers or lamps will not do as they will constantly bother you when you open the door or when you change clothes.

Secondly, pay attention to mirrors. They can be used not only to transform the interior of the dressing room, but also can help you to improve the image of yourself. If you place them all around the dressing room, you will be able to see yourself from different angles. The abundance of mirrors would be a great solution for women who are so fond of spinning in front of them.

The most convenient option is a wardrobe with mirrored doors. It allows you both to look in the mirror and hide the contents of the wardrobe. It is very a practical and aesthetic solution. But if you can not afford a wardrobe like that, just hang a large mirror which allows you to see your full reflection.

An important question: does your dressing room need shelves? We think that your wardrobe should have at least one shelve. Shelves can be handy to store small items and accessories such as belts, socks, jewelry, ties, handkerchiefs, etc.

A small tip: if the size of your wardrobe allows, put a beautiful table and a chair or armchair in it.

For a dressing room artistic mess is acceptable sometimes. It can justify scarves, hats or handbags hanging on dressing room’s handles. It also could be an esceptional design feature and will serve as a kind of a reminder: behind that fur handbag warm clothes are to be found and behind a light shawl summer shoes are hiding.

If the dressing room is also used by all family members a special cover for changing clothes can be used. Moreover, you can find a huge variety of screens that fit the room perfectly. But if the size of your wardrobe is too small, you should not crowd it with unnecessary details. Speaking of the wardrobe, its practicality stand in the first place. Probably, the best decision would be to attach it to bedroom or bathroom.

As for the color of the dressing room, neutral lights should be used. Form must be simple: the dressing room should not be overloaded with unnecessary details. After all, dressing rooms are designed to store clothes and admire the looks: dressing room’s design is of secondary importance.

white dressing room practical dressing room luxurious dressing room girly dressing room girl's dressing room dressing room colourful dressing room brown dressing room

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